Dangdang said it would announce major events in the industry speculation or resource integration

according to the voice of economic reports, despite the continued loss of earnings performance, but a micro-blog official dangdang.com now lifted a lot of people’s appetite, the micro-blog word "March 12th, dangdang.com events will occur, please pay attention". Electricity supplier Book Lang gourd sell what medicine?.

dangdang.com who is attracted to speculation and discussion: some say the marketing trick and kick up a cloud of dust; seriously analysis, Dangdang will in the planting day "rebirth", was acquired. In this regard, insiders dangdang.com tight lipped, but said: will be a not low level "good thing".

insiders: No. 12 was announced, and now do not publish.

reporter: good or bad?

insiders: I think it is a good thing, this level will not be low, only a small number of companies know.

for more than two kinds of rumors, Analysys chief analyst Li Zhi said: the possibility of making promotional gimmick is not.

Li Zhi: if you only tell consumers a big event, do not tell him anything, can not attract consumers to look at the power of the day to see. Speculation on the capital market, may be more in line with the needs of Dangdang now.

opened Dangdang just released in 2012, the four seasons: total revenue of $259 million 200 thousand in the quarter, a net loss of $19 million 600 thousand, since listing has been a continuous loss of 7 quarters, a total loss of $669 million for two years.

face fierce competition in the field of B2C, the status quo is difficult to profit, Dangdang from 2010 determined to change the book Lang image to the whole category expansion. CEO Li Guoqing: please come in and go out. On the one hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, in Tmall, QQ online shopping platform, such as large flow shop, the establishment of channels.

e-commerce analyst Lu Zhenwang guess, in addition to financing, the possibility of re integration of resources Dangdang is also great:

Lu Zhenwang: "please come in" meaning is not great, go out, there are still some possible. There is a deep integration with ALI, Suning, it is possible. There is one, is not to enter the Amazon e-book with China, and Dangdang in-depth cooperation does not rule out this possibility.

Dangdang fourth quarter last year, the total turnover of 1 billion 150 million yuan department store, for the first time more than books and media products. But Li Zhi said: Dangdang is expanded to other category on the core category of electronic business enterprise, volume is compared with the Jingdong, Tmall and other large platform, current market capitalization of $318 million and $2 billion 600 million by the end of 2010 when listing ratio cannot be mention in the same breath.

Lu Zhenwang said: with the Jingdong, the Alibaba to accelerate the listed sprint, and fast track Suning, the Tencent, the electricity supplier industry in the coming years the profit hope remains elusive, but the overall rhythm and pattern formation will further accelerate.

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