Electricity supplier customer relationship management has been unable to keep up with the pace of de

2011 is an important year for the development of e-commerce. In this year, e-commerce has changed a lot, there are crying, but also laugh. Laughter is basically the money. In 2011, thousands of war boom has not been developed, but the industry is a big change, jumei.com, handle, Wo Wo Group has turned to the vertical B2C mall. But no matter how the industry changes, but the ultimate direction of development is only a service customer, there is a place where customers need e-commerce.

many people are concerned about e-commerce, however, we are concerned about the e-commerce industry, but always did not pay attention to how to do more consumer service in place.


self logistics as the representative of the Jingdong mall, proposed 211 courier policy, from the above chart can be seen in the tragic extent of Jingdong, the complaint is ranked first, and the reason is the delay to the goods. Electricity providers are trying to use to improve the logistics services to consumers, the last is always tied up in logistics.

how to do good service to consumers, consumers are consumers really want to send you so fast? Bowser CEO Wang Zhiquan published remarks on this matter at this year’s annual meeting: "retail e-commerce overdo, who is home to buy a TV set, water heater, buy today, today to for? But the industry is so dry, there is no way to follow the Kuba, intelligent, bite the bullet and" this is true, the consumer does not require, consumers pay attention to is the appropriate experience. It is better to buy a water heater, when sent to the home, but also to help install things, so that consumers can install and use, which is to meet the consumer.

electricity supplier customer relationship management (CRM) has not kept up with the pace of development, 2011 is the era of customer experience management (CEM), the development of electronic commerce gradually in depth, we have to products of the times (SKU, main) to the development of the service oriented era (service), will soon enter the experience oriented era (customer demand based). Only closer and closer to consumers and suppliers, in order to do a good job of service and experience, in order to develop in the late, deepen service and experience platform, strengthen service and experience system. We want to be intimate, safe and efficient service. We also hope that in this aspect of shopping not only cheap, fast delivery, use also let us rest assured. Enterprises should take a good look at the electricity supplier, you do the service, your service is really in place,


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