Taobao global purchase 11 pairs of single product inventory at least 300 pieces

[Reuters] news billion state power in October 14th this year, Taobao double 11 Carnival layout has been gradually exposed, with a global share of the venue. Currently, Taobao has announced the investment rules and activities of the venue of the venue, pointed out that the global purchase of all investment venues will be single.

According to

billion state power network to understand, for global purchase sellers set up 11 three double entry barriers, including the completion of the shop, shop sign to send red envelopes, lottery activities create wireless baby details page three core tasks. Venue registration time from October 13th to October 19th, while the warm-up period will continue from November 4th to November 10th.

in accordance with the rules of investment, the shop does not sell counterfeit violations, in line with the rules of the Taobao marketing activities of the world’s best sellers can choose to purchase double 11. Registration of goods inventory requirements for more than 300, and by the seller to bear the freight. At the same time, the registration of goods may not have interval prices, promotional activities should be lower than the minimum price of nearly 30 days, and below the current price of 1 of the 30 percent off. In addition, sales of goods in the past 30 days need to be greater than or equal to the sum of 10 pens, the number of evaluation of not less than 2 pen.

in the audit, the selection of rule reference from high to low ranking: under the same conditions, in turn will consider registration activities of low price, "the seller registration global purchase support program" sellers, commodity transaction history and a high degree of hot spot inventory, early registration order etc..


chapter field floor businesses need to provide registration field


chapter field floor businesses need to provide registration field

it is reported that the venue activities will start in November 4th to demonstrate the details of the goods in the marked page, and notice the big promotion price, the day of November 11th the system will automatically change the price of the venue and the commodity. All through the activities of the venue audit of goods, not allowed to artificially reduce inventory, only allow people to increase inventory, inventory reduction caused by normal sales is not within the limits.

in addition, billion state power network noted that Taobao related announcement also pointed out that the double 11 store activity undertake editing page will open in October 22nd, the official Taobao will provide the default page template to promote participation of prefabricated sellers, and then by the seller according to their own needs renovation.

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