The pace of integration into the electricity supplier Wanda is Suning more complex

recently, Wanda Group on business platform for the upcoming listing to raise a Babel of criticism of the news. From the beginning of last year, Wanda began recruiting for the electricity supplier team reported that Wanda electricity supplier business allocation substantially completed, personnel hired as general manager of Alibaba, former senior director of international trading technology Gong Yitao.

Wanda, the net is not new. Before it, SOHO, Suning, intime, new world and other traditional enterprises have tried e-commerce, at the same time, the Ministry of Commerce "on the" 12th Five-Year "period to promote the development of retail industry guidance", also clearly encourage large retail enterprises to open online mall". In this case, across the department stores, tourism real estate, cinema and other areas of the business giant Wanda involved in the electricity business, this is logical. Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin has said Wanda has a wealth of retail resources, e-commerce is not too regrettable. This is because the Wanda system within the five major business independent of each other, did not do resources, services, data interoperability. The company hopes that electricity providers can help the company form the line of organic coordination and seamless docking, all consumer links allow users to complete the basic necessities of life play in Wanda complex body.

is in contrast, in the trend of economic downturn, the brand is shrinking, many commercial complex expansion rate is slowing. At the same time, a considerable part of the physical retail business is being eroded by e-commerce. In this case, Wanda e-commerce is not only to stabilize the market share, but also for its commercial real estate services, looking for new models and growth points.

is reported that, in Wanda’s plan, the company’s goal is to establish an interactive online and offline smart square". Further, Wanda tried to open up a virtual "online commercial complex" through e-commerce, commercial real estate, luxury hotels, tourism, cultural industries and chain stores".

although Wanda’s electricity supplier platform has not yet been released, but it will take what kind of operation, has become a topic of debate in the industry. In general, Wanda electricity supplier may use these models: B2C, O2O, or a combination of the two.

on the B2C field, the pace of the pace of entry into the apparently slow. Now, already on the market, Tmall, and other leading Jingdong, formed a relatively stable pattern, but it is very difficult to replicate as Wanda and beyond. However, take a look at Wanda business segment, build O2O model has a unique advantage.

as everyone knows, the biggest advantage of Wanda electricity supplier is rich in resources under the line, an approach is obviously, Wanda electricity providers can use throughout the Wanda Plaza, let users online orders, brand businesses nearby delivery, can also encourage users to nearby stores from mentioning. In this way, not only for shopping malls to bring traffic, but also to promote related consumption. However, this idea looks very beautiful, few cases of actual success.

statistics show that as of June last year, a total of 59 traditional retail hundred enterprises open >

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