Honey Amoy 618 put relentless but play Jingdong has an ample supply of ammunition

news June 8th, from "520", the home appliance business has gradually entered the years to promote the pace since June is wildly beating gongs and drums for. For the new online shopping will soon be around the world will also be unveiled in 618, many people commented that this is a major aspect of this year, Jingdong or will take to establish its own position in the cross-border electricity supplier market. However, there are brave stand out "provocation", the day before, honey Amoy global purchase have announced their 618 plan, and declared war to the Jingdong, to logistics faster than the price.

honey Amoy CEO Xie Wenbin to billion state power network said that in the past the "520 passion stockpile Festival", honey Amoy sales of more than 100 million, the speed of the logistics and the level of service industry has reached a peak. 618 the continuation and expansion of the 520 offensive, overweight in the scale of activity and investment, to fight a battle with vigour and vitality.

is reported that, at present, have a lot of honey Amoy goods in the bonded area, the main venue and will be officially launched in June 15th 618 the commodity price exposure. As the whole industry has been criticized in cross-border logistics, honey Amoy will highlight the advantages of logistics services in 618 activities, showing their achievements in the construction of a few months.

Xie Wenbin pointed out that for the 618 electricity supplier war, honey Amoy never fear giants. First of all, honey Amoy can guarantee the bonded goods of the whole network (all overseas shopping platform) the lowest price, and to Jingdong, Tmall, jumei.com, and vip.com and other game player parity. Secondly, the honey Amoy promised bonded goods within 3 days of delivery, logistics speed and experience far more than Jingdong and Tmall."

openly and challenge the giants, where honey Amoy confidence come from? Xie Wenbin claimed that its self self recovery mode can not only control the quality of the goods and price, to improve the quality of service, win platform for cross-border electricity supplier, which is the largest of the characteristics and advantages of honey amoy.

honey Amoy in the global supply chain integration, cross-border bonded logistics service system, and other aspects of the preparation to do a good job, the back-end solid foundation. The giant started late in this area is zero. It can be said that the Jingdong in the cross-border business services and the basic price of play but honey Amoy! "He confidently said.

according to its introduction, honey Amoy benchmarking Jingdong in three aspects are the odds:

first, as of April this year, was formally launched, the current global purchase of the Jingdong category is not complete, to mother and child category. In contrast, over the past year, honey Amoy in the category to achieve great success in the development, the 618 will also be the whole category war.

second, Jingdong global purchase is self and merchants settled in the mode of combination of price, but is completely self and the courage to fight the "bloodletting" honey amoy. It is reported that before the start of the 618 big promotion, honey Amoy will take out the price of both the comparison, intuitive display to the user.

third, Jingdong is currently no global purchase to build their own bonded warehouse and cross-border logistics system, using third party warehouse can be the fastest 7 days arrival, overseas direct mail is.

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