Eleven flavor of the whole network of sales of 252 million declaring a brand new era

The whole

network 252 million, 204 million Tmall store, has been sixth years to double eleven double eleven becheery, turnover is still strong, become the food category runner up.

is worth mentioning is that this year’s double one hundred grass took 6000 people and 2500 people, 1000 production delivery, customer service team to prepare for eleven people. Issued a total of 10 million 240 thousand packs of snacks, a total of more than 7000 containers shipped, reserve resources in 2015 is two times.


such a success is not accidental, since 2011 to participate in Tmall double eleven, double eleven becheery sales figure is almost exponential growth: from 500 thousand in 2011 to 156 million in 2015, an increase of 300 times. In 2015, becheery has been ranked the top three domestic electricity supplier market snacks, become one of the largest Internet Leisure food businesses.

it is understood that since the end of 2010 settled in Tmall mall, paraquat opened a new era of Internet business, annual sales have more than 2 billion. It is worth mentioning that, in August 2016, the first group of Chinese herbs and jujube industry reached a merger and acquisition synergy strategy, the rate of successful listing of the industry. Its founder Cai Hongliang at the press conference also revealed becheery ambitions to the outside world: the next 10 years, will build 100 billion becheery leisure food ship.


brand transformation, double eleven before opening a single product strategy

According to

, 2016 is a key year for the transformation of the brand strategy.

transformation of the Internet at the beginning of 5 years, is the accumulation of the amount of grass flavor Jiangshan era. This is indeed the case, in this period of time regardless of the supply chain, the logistics system or sales volume has achieved very good results. By 2015, more and more began to integrate the resources of various channels, and in 2016 the brand strategy transformation.

becheery chief marketing officer Wang Jingyao introduced: "this year we opened a brand era of becheery, at this time, need to pay more attention to the product, with a precise way to communicate with consumers to communicate, do not the same product".

during the double 11, becheery launched the Yang Yang custom hold fruit, containing the 4 paragraph Yangmeng Yang comic box, attracted many fans looting. In fact, as early as the end of August. The fruit has just launched, unpopular situation situation began to take shape. Just 18 days, hold fruit sold 300 thousand boxes, the monthly sales exceeded 10 million, the market was out of stock. Healing fruit from healthy snacks hug location, named to the design is to subvert the traditional electricity supplier brand to do product ideas.


is almost at the same time, the first time the taste of herbs put forward the concept of "short insurance"

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