Amazon play innovation pulling your goods to online shopping

[Abstract] the Amazon Taobao truck in the streets of Seattle, the car is full of promotional items.


Tencent science and technology news in China’s rural areas, in the past there have been vendors to open a commodity truck regularly toured the villages, providing mobile retail services. Recently, the U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon, has launched a mobile shopping innovation, the form is very similar to this country car.

According to

CNET and other U.S. technology news website reported, Amazon began deploying Taobao trucks in the streets of the city "(TreasureTruck), a popular commodity to provide promotional truck, users can use mobile phone shopping client on the spot, and the spot from the pickup truck.

According to reports, from the beginning of, Amazon’s Taobao truck began to appear in the streets of Seattle, the mysterious truck sparked speculation that the outside world on Monday. And on Thursday, Amazon Co formally introduced the new service.

this truck loaded with Amazon decided to buy buy promotions, popular commodities, mostly residential supplies.

Amazon users can be through the mobile client, to see what the day Taobao truck on what hot goods, as well as the truck is currently in which location. And in the specific parking point, consumers can purchase and settlement on the phone on the spot, and then remove the hot goods from the truck.

Amazon said that the first Taobao truck shopping test will start at seven a.m. Saturday in Seattle. Whether the future will be extended to other cities, is still unknown.

U.S. media pointed out that Amazon is the world’s largest online retail website, but in recent years, Amazon continue to try new services and products in the real world, hope to increase the sense of presence and exposure.

Prior to

, Amazon has been deployed in a number of cities in the United States to take containers. The courier will put the goods stored in the distance close to the consumer package goods cabinet, buyers can pick up with a password which improves the speed of delivery orders.

Amazon also launched a number of cities in the fast hours of service. Recently, Amazon executives also said that if the United States government approval, the future will be the use of unmanned aircraft launched half an hour express service.

reported that Amazon’s Taobao truck, the first sale of promotional items will be $99 inflatable surfboard, cheaper than the average retail price of 80%. Future plans for the sale of goods as well as Glassybaby limited edition glass, as well as steak and other food. Taobao truck will be regularly updated promotional items.

in addition, had had news that Amazon plans to come down from the Internet network, in some city opened retail stores selling goods, but retail store plan seems to have changed, the Amazon so far has not been operating entity retail stores. (Chen Xi)

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