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technology news December 9th afternoon news, Alibaba announced today that the next line of nearly 100 brands, about 20 thousand stores will participate in the 12 activities, in December 12th the same day to use Alipay wallet payment can hit 50 percent off, covering restaurants, desserts, bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other places of daily consumption.

addition, on December 12th, a nationwide taxi use Alipay wallet payment, there is a two chance to avoid starting price. Vending machine in the national each big city, with Alipay wallet can buy drinks for 1 cents.

taxi free starting price, two chance per person

on December 12th at 2 a.m., in the country, passengers using fast taxi or use Alipay wallet to pay the taxi fare, will be removed from the starting price. Each has a two chance.

at the same time, fast taxi and Alipay also recently increased the intensity of the issuance of red taxi. After a taxi payment, the user can get a certain amount of red envelopes. At the same time, users can also grab envelopes in Alipay wallet "1212 pocket Carnival Festival" service window.

nearly ten thousand restaurants to eat 50 percent off

sea fishing, Wang Xiang park national stores and Pizza Hut stores in Shanghai, in December 12th the same day, using Alipay wallet payment, can call 50 percent off, discount 50 yuan cap.


, laiyifen Ichiban shop, haoxiangnizao industry, DQ, cold stone, Xu Liushan and other snacks and desserts chain businesses in thousands of stores are also involved in the December 12 daily payment, Alipay wallet hit 50 percent off discount, capped 20 yuan.

, Marugame noodle, dumplings, wonton auspicious family has good face, Dicos, 85 degrees C, breadtalk, energy-saving, will represent more than and 10 fast-food chain brand and bread, in December 12th also has 50 percent off discount, capped 20 yuan. Thousands of stores throughout the country’s major cities.

according to the rules of activity, the above three types of food and beverage, each can enjoy once, after superposition can enjoy up to 3 times, can account for less than $90. Activities start at 12 a.m. on the morning of 8.

supermarket, convenience store shopping 50 percent off

supermarket and convenience stores in December 12th, will be more profitable. On the morning of 8 a.m., in Wumart, Wanning, Century Lianhua, xinyijia, lotus, hundred, Wu, the people of Zhejiang and other 13 large supermarket brands, shopping with Alipay wallet payment can hit 50 percent off, capped 50 yuan discount. This means that you buy 100 yuan, Alipay wallet to pay only 50 yuan. It is worth noting that all the hypermarkets brand, each user can only enjoy a cumulative opportunity.


December 12th morning, the family, East 711, East China, hi, good, full 20 convenience stores and small supermarkets, using Alipay wallet payment is 50 percent off, discount 20 yuan cap. >

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