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said that if the birth of electronic commerce, make jewelry enterprises has undergone major changes in marketing methods, then the simple payment maturity, diversification, marketing channels of the platform, then let the concept of "Internet plus jewelry" came into being. The China market, although the walk old brand line, to sell the store based Cartire Cartier, Bvlgari BVLGARI, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels and other foreign brands, as well as Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng and other domestic jewelry enterprises have achieved good results, but Blue Nile, Blue Nile diamond bird, Kela Kelan and other domestic jewelry in the field of Internet business website can successfully occupy a certain share of the domestic market. As the world’s first jewelry business brand, from Belgium BAUNAT Antwerp Bao Erna ( is also using the cross-border electricity supplier hot, just a few years, quickly became the European brands, now officially entered the market Chinese. The domestic jewelry market has formed the traditional jewelers, jewelry, jewelry business electricity supplier website brand "a situation of tripartite confrontation" trend. No matter who is the winner in the end, jewelers in the price, quality, design competition is the ultimate benefit of consumers.

diamond jewelry from the center of the cross border electricity supplier brand treasure brought about by the concept of changing the quality of jewelry

diamond forever, is the king of jewelry, is a woman’s best friend, to some extent, it can be said to highlight the identity of the man, the best temperament. Gifts to the beloved precious diamond jewelry, the transmission of love, is the most attractive gentleman most attractive moment. The man wearing the ring has gradually become a trend and accepted.

The important position of

diamond in jewelry determines that it can never be a fast food. It is very important to choose a quality, cut, design are excellent and reasonably priced diamond jewelry. Europe is one of the most prosperous regions in the world, and it is also one of the world’s Diamond Trading centers. There is a fundamental difference between the diamond jewelry market and the domestic market. First, the high standard of living in Europe, especially for the selection of diamond is harsh, determines the quality of the diamond market for the lower limit is much higher than the domestic. At the same time as a diamond trading center, the price is lower than the domestic quality of the diamond. The two is Europe as the world cultural and artistic leadership, to design more diamond jewelry its originality. This is the domestic diamond jewelry can not match.

domestic consumers have always been the pursuit of foreign brands, especially in the field of luxury jewelry. Indeed in quality, cut, design, from Europe and the United States jewelry brand with domestic brand incomparable originality. In particular, the European brand, the quality of high technology at the same time, the price is also highly attractive. Before the domestic purchase of European brands of diamond jewelry, there are two channels, one of the overseas brands stationed in the domestic market, through the domestic store and electronic business platform to buy, but with

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