Dong Jun network marketing is to seize the human nature

business is the core of marketing, e-commerce is the core of network marketing. We are all research network marketing, although the industry has not a what standard. We are all groping. But the network marketing, including network promotion, network promotion also includes website promotion. Today’s Internet has a lot of friends to confuse these things. Think SEO is the network marketing, website promotion is the network marketing. These are not right.

SEO denied many Chinese webmaster creative sites are SEO and SEO. Is there no other way out of SEO?. The fundamental meaning of Baidu search where the answer is: to help users find the most appropriate, the most accurate, most wanted information. This search involves three ways: 1, the source of information 3, the way of communication, the spread of the object 2.

almost 90% people put down on the mode of transmission of energy. Few people in China study information sources. The way of communication is becoming more and more competitive. Few people study information sources, the core competitiveness of your site is getting worse. Information sources do not do well, then the effect is not very good dissemination.

information source in 4 forms: 1, text 2, picture 3, sound 4, video. So we have to make a lot of information sources in the future, so that we will get twice the result with half the effort. We have to solve is how to write the text, the picture is handled well, the sound recording, video production. This is what we really should do. Including soft news, news, product introduction, e-book production, etc.. Production of good sources of information, to explore the way of communication. Make use of several unique ways of communication. Do it to the extreme.

so SEO and website promotion is part of the network marketing. Network marketing is actually a huge system. It’s not easy to play well. Of course, as long as the network promotion will be a trick. Put a chain to the extreme, is the trick.

A Jun stayed at home all day, sleeping, eating, surfing the Internet, going to the bathroom. Has not been out of the house, today to study a few Taobao shop. I did not see their promotion, but to see their plans. Also activity. We open the Moonstone flagship store: Then drag the mouse to the middle. Take a look at this video for 5 minutes. After the model comes out, look at the price and introduction on the right. Are you attracted? Are you moved? Does your website attract people,


in the network marketing what is people-oriented answer is when consumers come to your website to see what he would like to see is people-oriented. Think about it seriously, as a consumer of this crown shop, he was attracted to what, what moved?

we want to know him selling products. We want to study the details. We take a serious study. He opened the hottest property >

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