L’OREAL has invested heavily in the acquisition of Valeant three hand skin care brands to accelerate

Valeant has recently sold its brand.


according to L’OREAL’s press release, L’OREAL will be $1 billion 300 million in cash, from the hands of the acquisition of Valeant in Canada, the three professional skin care brands – CeraVe, AcneFree and Ambi. The three brands belong to the drugstore range, between drug and cosmetic products, to solve the problem with the skin beauty known as medical point.

AcneFree and Ambi mainly developed specifically for acne, refine skin texture and other functional products. CeraVe produces mild products for people with sensitive skin and poor tolerance. These three brands are distributed in pharmacies, mass retailers and online stores. The total annual revenue of three brands of $168 million, L’OREAL paid the purchase price is almost eight times the total revenue of these brands, called the acquisition price. After the acquisition, the three brands will be incorporated into the Active Cosmetics Division sector. In this sector, we are very familiar, Vichy and La Roche Posay cosmetic brand repair nuga.

Last year’s

beauty merger frenzy, until this year. The previous 36 krypton reported that Estee Lauder’s $1 billion 450 million acquisition of cosmetics brand Too Faced, Unilever acquired hair care brand Living Proof. The purchase price is not the same, the beauty industry continues to shuffle.

L’OREAL of America president and CEO Frederic Roze said in a statement, "the close relationship between these three brands and health professionals, and wide distribution, will take us in the United States Active Cosmetics Division revenue nearly doubled, and help us to the appropriate price to meet increasing demand for skin care."


landing cosmeceutical market

hands have mastered three cosmetic brand L’OREAL, the high price and the acquisition of three of the drug store, seize the cosmeceutical market ambition is not small. The year 2015, L’OREAL Active Cosmetics Division responsible for the drug, surrender a record. According to the earnings report, in the past two years, sales of the sector has been on the rise. 2015 year on year increase of 7.8%, is one of the fastest growing in several sectors.


in addition, in the third quarter of 2016, the Active Cosmetics Division in the United States are excellent, rely on new products, and continued strong growth of Vichy posay. In view of this, although the drug sales in the proportion of skin care, makeup is better than other departments, but only rely on three brands up Active Division can achieve > Cosmetics

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