Conversion rate to start from the flow quality


e-commerce website in order to improve the conversion rate, and constantly on the shopping process, website UI continuous optimization, we pay more and more attention to the user experience. But in the promotion, 60% of the electricity supplier website relies on the soft, soft promotion forum, SEO, IP and PV will be the site of the promotion personnel as assessment indicators, but the promotion of summing up the past found that e-commerce website is not a network media platform, the pursuit of high IP and PV significance, such as some time in order to achieve IP, PV requirements, in the promotion process into a hot topic, although a website IP, PV up, but no one buy.

this problem in 2008 started the network promotion encountered at the time, and a colleague through hot topic speculation, SEO, forums, exchange links and other soft mode of the website traffic do 2W IP/, but eventually the actual purchase of less than a day, every day is not as at the time of Taobao 30UV the shop sells well, then also did not find an effective method to promote transformation, although the opening of Baidu promotion, the conversion rate has improved, but has not reached the expected.

09 years in a community site responsible for the operation, to advertisers planning website activities, we found that the effectiveness of advertisement click rate, display rate are not the final decision in its advertising, only purchase transactions, in order to illustrate the effectiveness of advertising, which allows users to purchase behavior, requires clear users visit the website (shop) the purpose of the best is to let users hold the purpose of consumption access.

holding consumer users can visit the website to say as the target of traffic, and to access the site to entertainment, curious users can be referred to as dispersion flow. Because the target flow and dispersed flow in the quality gap, the author did not use the business platform to do the test, however, from Sina, Baidu, NetEase, Tencent, such as the flow of life in the portal site, targeted to flow rate is higher than 5-10 times than the conversion of dispersed flow, otherwise these portals will not is the cash flow problems, the business platform is not closed.

in the promotion process, but also tasted the sweetness of targeted traffic brought about by:

1, shorten the time of user consultation, shortened by 50 minutes from the original 20 minutes

2, IP and sales ratio up to 1:10

3, single value increased by 30%

, however, now with the forum, such as the promotion of the platform for the strict management of content, made a let users holding the purpose of the purchase of the post has been very difficult, and then delete the posts, the weight of ID. Therefore, the electronic commerce website to survive, there must be a certain degree of rigid advertising, if you are not the network media, is not simply the pursuit of IP, to control the advertising costs by KPI, can improve the conversion rate in the shortest time.

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