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(network exclusive Analysys analysis) lasted more than two months of electricity price war hit be in full swing, but people are outside of that group purchase during the collective silence, who did not want to share, even see some group purchase information from the Internet, basically has nothing to do with the price war: not one of the handles network founding team members, the original market director Zheng Bin left 40% technical team is being laid off; Groupon was bankrupt, Ren Chunlei two venture uncertain; Jingdong service outsourcing department store group purchase.

is the same as e-commerce enterprises, the same as the B2C platform, why the original characteristics of the group purchase price war, but several mainstream B2C platform to grab the first, and the occupation of " " just for two months. Group purchase website with several mainstream B2C platform in the end there is much difference, so that when the others The early bird catches himself dumb. No longer appear frequently in advertising and news among the group, what kind of dilemma?

it is hard to become the climate

this is a fight father era, the survival of the law is not only applicable to the majority of young people, the same applies to the sunrise industry e-commerce. Under the premise of limited resources in the market, the major electricity supplier platform in the use of huge advertising costs for the brand to spread. According to the relevant data show that in 2011 portal advertising and website navigation prices have increased sharply, of which the portal price in 40% to 50%. Search engine keywords and PPC costs doubled, while the price of all kinds of navigation stations is more than 4 times in a year. The electronic commerce website on a hot capital birth, such as thirst generally in the advertising crazy burn. Therefore, if the enterprises do not have a good background, just by yourself alone, it is difficult to keep on burning. The most typical is the handle network, since October 2011, after the failure of the United States IPO, into a series of storm. Is the first large-scale layoffs, and Song Liming, vice president of technology public relations director Jie Wen, former marketing director Zheng Bin has left. The house on a rainy night, in order to save costs, handle network have to slash online navigation and offline advertising.


and China throughout the group purchase industry, the U.S. group net, Wo Wo Group, etc. these 24 coupons industry with a great reputation of the group purchase website, almost no one have group background. In contrast, the electricity supplier price war in the mainstream B2C bigwigs often come from a noble family. Such as the Alibaba’s Tmall mall, Suning Appliance’s, Gome’s Kuba shopping, is the group’s online shopping platform, the group has been in China market for more than ten years or even decades, is a veteran in battle and have enough capital, so they went to the game, this round of sustained price war, can continue to burn the way to suppress competitors, to gain market share.

consumer aesthetic fatigue

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