Bid farewell to bid farewell to the electricity supplier coveted outbound travel market

[Abstract] travel has changed from hotel price war to ticket price war, and then to ticket price war and visa war.


every reporter Xia Bing from Shanghai

another tourism sub industry or will be subverted by the internet.

with the popularity of outbound travel, visa for a good business. The visa service price is not uniform because of the charges, so that the link has become an important part of the traditional travel business and tourism electricity supplier dig profits.

day before Ctrip launched a high-profile price transparency visa services, Chinese largest online visa service providers Bai Cheng travel network also, follow up the launch of a series of services refused full refund. Visa market catfish effect previews.

yesterday (July 2nd), "daily economic news" reporter on a number of online travel agencies and line agencies interviewed found that they had to follow up Ctrip, slashed the visa agent prices, improve service support, even from some visa fees down a few hundred dollars to tens of dollars or even $0, more than 50%.

many industry insiders pointed out that the visa will become a new focus of competition in the online travel companies, with the country of destination to relax visa, facilitation and competition in the market, the domestic visa agency industry will bid farewell to profits, even the visa will be free.

electricity supplier spoiler

for the same destination travel visas, travel agents may vary in price, consumers will spend hundreds of dollars accidentally.

to deal with the Australian tourist visa, for example, the daily economic news reporter yesterday in Shanghai several travel agencies, and some offer 1400 yuan, there are $1600, are packaged in a lump sum price. Individual travel visa for the United States, some travel agencies offer 1500 yuan, and some will be $1700, up to $2000. Such a confusing offer is impossible to understand.

why do the same service price difference of hundreds? Tourism industry expert Liu Simin said, "the travel agency and dare to be expensive, it is because of certain consumer knowledge blind." Consumers as long as the total price minus the consulate price, you can know how much agency fees. Agency for the price of packaged type of fuzzy processing, resulting in its arbitrary increase.

tourism industry sources, never had a visa agency price tag, there is no standard charge. The reason for this is due to the travel agency’s resource reserves. If the travel agency has the resources of a country consulate, you can directly send the consulate to sign the visa, exempt from intermediary fees, visa fees are lower.

According to the

industry loopholes, the online travel electricity supplier to Ctrip represented the first "transparent" throw out the killer rushed.

reporter noted that since mid June, Ctrip open >

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