Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong all business should do electricity supplier

[Reuters] yesterday the state power (May 11th) news, hosted by LUNYUAN electricity, Shanghai City Chamber of Commerce 2016 online shopping first global brand e-commerce forum, the Ministry of Commerce and information technology division, deputy inspector Liu Decheng delivered a speech.

2016, standing in the future to see the world – the first global brand e-commerce development forum held in Shanghai, Shangri-La in May 11th. The forum is organized by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Jingan District people’s government guidance, Shanghai Jingan District Commission of Commerce, billion state power network, Shanghai City e-commerce promotion center, Sohu Finance Co, uphold the characteristics of high-end, internationalization and trend, the convergence of global retail brand leader of the government leaders and experts attended the meeting, focusing on the "retail all channels, consumer contact".


Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong

the following is speech shorthand:

Zhang Yong: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very glad to be here today. You might ask how to ramble LUNYUAN forum up? Several months to Qianqiu hold a forum, we hope to share the observation to the electronic commerce, I gladly accepted today, particularly good opportunities and common customers gathered to share business trends and interesting changes and you.

the development of the electricity supplier, today’s theme is "brand business, particularly suitable for the Tmall platform theme, our theme is" industrydirect brand in Tmall, Tmall brings together the world’s mainstream brand flagship stores, Tmall in recent years of rapid development, to the champion, in the hope that this platform to provide users with all brands an infrastructure, help them more efficient service to their customers, give more efficient sales and marketing.

we just finished a year of Ali, the past fiscal year, we have an important action, is the Alibaba group retail market turnover exceeded 3 trillion yuan mark in 2016 fiscal year, this is a very important milepost. What is the impact of today’s electricity supplier to the future development of what? 3 trillion can be compared with WAL-MART,, Amazon, we are more than the size of the original international leading enterprises. But it is very important that 3 trillion represents the scale of China’s total retail goods of 10%. In 3 trillion the starting point, we went to see the future, how do we go next? Where is the future of our electronic commerce? My view is very clear, I think the change of electronic commerce will become the next 90% and big data, 100% of the business should do e-commerce.

The past discussion of

e-commerce is to open a shop to sell things, or do a website to sell a thing, but the radio comes, many brands have a APP to sell things, but this is just the carrier terminal and reach the user. The most important change is the Internet

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