Double eleven phishing scams no solution 360 mobile browser to ensure the safety of online shopping

as the saying goes, petty suffer a great deal, in the past, when we encounter things cheap, often more than one eye, to prevent being cheated. However, in the eleven double red everywhere, business activities one after another, people tend to mix in the SMS fraud has been lost for Gospel truth. For example, small a few days ago in the first half of a 1G traffic operators package awards, so the question is, in the true ordinary users how to let promotion, screening which is Li Gui





in the face of "heavy taste" discount you can hold live?

above two screenshots from the source, one from 10010, one from 10086, unaware of the truth really can not see, when we carefully distinguish, which left the winning information, China Unicom is the normal prize information, and the right to 10086 winning information, is a fraud information from the pseudo base station we need it, by clicking on the link, completion of the so-called exchange, can only receive. When we click on the information, then step by step into the trap of a liar.



the fishing website with China Mobile similar web pages, can direct transfers from bank cards by the payment page, everything is so familiar, in the background of the double eleven promotion, but that for Gospel truth. Perhaps the network knowledge and the ability to identify, but with certain of our own, with what to protect our family? In the 360 mobile phone browser phishing sites will be piercing eye, have nowhere to hide.



data show that in 2014 the double 11 day, 360 security browser, 360 browser and 360 mobile phone security guards and other security products for the user to intercept phishing attacks 197 million times, equivalent to 2.05 times the usual average intercept. And in 2015 this year, 7-9 months, 360 mobile security center received a report on the user’s network fraud report of 3091 cases, involving a total amount of up to $12 million 110 thousand, per capita loss of $4244. Cloud security system based on the powerful 360, 360 mobile phone browser will have to protect users from Trojan rogue web sites, online banking account security guarantee extraordinary security strength, which is designed for users to create online shopping online shopping to pay for online shopping behavior function will be fully guaranteed, let the buddy who achieve chop hand free".

finally, 360 security experts on online shopping users presented a number of security fraud prevention:

1 text messages for the initial identification, do not easily point to connect, to confirm whether the official website URL >

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