How to use the phone to open the shop to teach you to register Taobao mobile phone shop process

mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, it can be described as one of the essential personnel. There are a number of office workers, full-time mothers, college students more free time, would like to use the phone to open a shop to earn some extra income. But for those who have no experience, how to start it, and even how to register the shop do not know. In response to this situation, I took some time to sort out the steps of the mobile phone registration shop, we want to help! There are any questions you can not understand me (QQ 707101197).

a, below we first said to open the shop’s pre preparation:

1: register a Taobao account (Taobao account registration address:

2: apply for a bank card (bank card only need to apply for a proposal in the Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, ICBC, post processing).

3: I am at least 18 years old ID card.

two, mobile phone registration shop step diagram

1: first of all need to download a mobile phone Taobao client software. Methods: using the browser or download the mobile phone search assistant "mobile phone Taobao" four words, then we will be prompted to download, download and install, there will be a "mobile phone Taobao" mobile phone icon on the desktop, so below

2: after entering the phone Taobao, we click on the lower right corner of my Taobao

3: open my Taobao page, you will see the "free shop" option, click on it for the next step

4: open the "free shop", the system will prompt you to upload a LOGO store, and get a nice name as the name of the shop, followed by a brief description of the store, so the basic information of mobile phone Taobao store is set.

5: the next is the real name authentication and Taobao shop certification, in accordance with the system prompts to complete the fill can be completed, as shown below, so

then, we just need to wait for Taobao audit on it, if we can through the audit shop, shop decoration, the sale of goods released. If there is no audit, we do not have to worry about, because you can consult me to help you solve. Well, here it is, there are any questions you can not understand me (QQ 707101197).

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