E commerce rewrite express private logistics or die in the electricity supplier spring

The prosperity of

e-commerce, the two China logistics industry bring change. Private courier companies can sit electricity supplier in the mouth of the typhoon, the wind blowing into the sky, may also die

electricity supplier in the "spring".


electricity supplier rewrite courier

welcome to the electricity supplier era".

in the electronic commerce enterprises with their own capital accumulation or help to embrace such a era, started in the wilderness, rely on the manufacturing sector, promote early in the industrial chain of the most at the end of the courier bigwigs, doomed to face the impact of the industry changes – to a greater extent, the impact is still moving.

express is a China logistics industry field is extremely subdivision (express object is usually suitable for small parcel form independent transport of goods, generally is to transport the weight of the goods as the standards to distinguish the difference between the express and general cargo). Since 1990s, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Tanggu as a result of the special geographical location and business climate has become the birthplace of many private logistics courier companies. The logistics is representative of supply chain logistics, logistics is the representative of LTL, SF is representative of the express industry. These enterprises in the wilderness, they broke through the master by materials and commercial departments, transport three traditional transportation resources, idea and mode of introduction of modern logistics, to promote business growth, brought the first change to China logistics industry.

in 2006 to become a watershed in China’s logistics industry, according to WTO rules, China fully liberalized international freight forwarding business and international express business. Prior to this, China’s logistics industry growth is also focused on shipping, air transport, LTL freight and supply chain logistics, courier did not get enough attention. When we are familiar with the "four up" (Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, Huitong, rhyme) is still hovering in the line of life and death, the logistics industry heavyweights party, express is only a minor role.

now, the situation is very different. A person in charge of logistics enterprises "entrepreneur" China told, at present private enterprises lack of further upward momentum in supply chain logistics, integrated logistics, logistics enterprise competitiveness by P.G. represented have continued to increase, but the resources to invest in the real estate field. On the contrary, the courier industry continues to develop rapidly.

in Southern China, SF EXPRESS (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the founder of SF) under the leadership of Wang Wei, with high standard and good service experience to create a China express industry the highest level so far. The low-key Wang Wei became highly sought after industry heavyweights, had to be reclusive, four bodyguards bodyguard. In 2010 China logistics industry rankings, SF by assets ranked fourteenth, ranked in the before and after China are traditional logistics bigwigs, they originated from state-owned enterprises, mostly engaged in energy, mineral and other monopoly industries transportation.

in East China, a group of people from Zhejiang, Tonglu

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