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IT Times reporter Shen Yanyan

Woody · Alan is the history of the best screenplay Award for most of the directors, he has been nominated for the best screenplay screenplay 20 times the best screenplay. In addition to the previous "Anne" and "Hanna · Holzer sisters", the old man this time with "midnight in Paris" third times won the Oscar for best original screenplay. To say the original, look at the 76 year old Woody · Alan on the line.

this year, the most money is the electricity supplier, the most money is not the electricity supplier. Do you want to know which industry has the most money? As long as you see where the stars are coming. The real estate market dominated, almost all the big stars represent real estate, large and small projects have let the stars live a times. Now, the most prosperous than the electricity supplier, the stars will frequently appear in the online shopping platform, to persuade you to buy or persuade you to buy you buy.

how to be a successful advertising? There is no absolute standard, but spend a lot of money please star is certainly not one of them. Before the insiders broke the news, Yang Mi endorsement of the 58 city in the price of 2 million to 3 million, Ge You endorsement lashou price should be around 5 million, Chen Yao endorsement Ganji’s price is about 8 million. These figures are legends on the rivers and lakes, in addition to the two sides signed the contract the most clear, the real answer in the wind. Please so many popular stars, no ads, a very popular, less popular, shallow too, in addition to a makeup wearing a V collar dress, said two lines, really do not see the star with the electricity supplier what can do, just because they occasionally buy online to buy dog food? The subway, TV, web, everywhere signs and advertising video, bombarded with so long, ask, who still remember their endorsement of any home appliance with one store.? Hai Qing? Honglei Sun and Jingdong is a good match for? Come on, but are the clouds.

look at advertising who really has a tone, a foreign fast-food chain, can shoot from, and then to the childhood sweetheart to marriageable age, middle-aged people to each other and feelings, not to see a sign from A to Z, and LOGO, look like advertising in the movies, but on business here, who do who is 2× the youth. I spent so much money, please a star to speak, do not let him say 100 times the brand name is not too bad!

again, just a few seconds to convey the core value of the business concept, this is really a bit embarrassed big star, acting hard to beat them, talking about what is connotation, big nod. Besides, it is also a spokesperson which might please clap the thing, like Xi Li Ge so casual dress, casual wear is comfortable to go out to play. Some are because the boss or the boss’s mother is his / her fans, some because of the recent popularity, and some just because the broker and their public relations to eat a meal. Besides, you will be able to ensure that the electricity supplier has made it clear that they want to pass >

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