Share a little experience in Taobao shop experience

if Taobao is sure to make a lot of money. A summary of your love half years to do Taobao experience:

love git started doing half Taobao, no decoration on the Taobao store, is a template, the products on the shelves at the beginning when nobody comes, love is not willing to see half a day, there is no matter what, just take a look, found that the goods did not, ah Oh, to expired shelf do not know, I hope you will notice that Taobao goods 7 days under the automatic default frame, specifically for what love is not half git check reason. Then love half git re release of goods, to think that the temptation of goods are recommended to the window, but found the recommendation is a bit of a mess, so on the recommendation of the 5 commodities in the top.

some customers are in Taobao search to find the shop, from this point of view the key words of the product is very important, the introduction of the product is also very important, must have a characteristic, let you search to want to go in.

is a group of buildings, a prosperous after you can build a group, you do not have to look for people into the group, do not buy things in the group is useless, what is the use? Everyone in Taobao search baby don’t know that, in the search page will have a shopping guide: XX group recommended floating box, there are some of you search group of related products, if your group is in there, it is possible to search the goods to join your group, the group announced your merchandise, or anything else that you want to recommend something to people the first time it did not know what they want. And if you want to open it online, perhaps what someone will send you a message.

if someone in the group to consult your product to answer, answer customer questions is a bit of a trick, she asked some commodity quality function problems, you need to quickly answer in the affirmative, there are some problems such as the personal problems of no great importance, you, you can drag on for a while, or you have a customer call delivery issues, or a customer to pay money to you, let you go to check. Such a thing is not to answer the question, one to let her know that you have a lot of people to buy goods, so as soon as possible to reach a deal.

There is no

for consultation after buy goods, without acrimony, should be happy to say next time I hope you come in, or take her as a friend, maybe one day she can also find you want to buy.

also is the commodity price, you first look at the Taobao search you want to sell the goods you sell goods if Taobao was sold, you will see the price, especially the new shop, the goods must be cheaper than others, even if 10 Fen cheaper, people search by price arrangement. You will be in the first row.

is a description of the goods, must be tempting, love to see a git half sell slimming products mm shop, she put the weight loss before and after photos posted to the shop, forget her photo is not me, or is not PS.

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