Mao Wei CN domain name to become China’s most mainstream domain name

Yesterday, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced that, as of May 31st, China’s.Cn domain name registered in the world has reached more than 530, has become after Germany’s.De and Britain’s.Uk, the world’s third largest national domain.

it is understood that, in China, the top 500 state-owned enterprises, the mainstream of the industry, as well as the company’s 80% provincial government websites are using the.Cn domain name. CNNIC director Mao Wei said,.Cn has become China’s most mainstream domain name. According to reports, in order to make the.Cn domain name in our country to get a wider range of applications, CNNIC has decided to be scheduled for a period of 3 months, $1 registered.Cn domain activities postponed to the end of December 31st this year.

China’s rapid development of the national domain name has also aroused the concern of the international community. On Friday, the Internet Information Center, which manages the names of the world’s 55% countries, gathered in Beijing for the first time to sign the declaration of the people’s Republic of china. Declaration, the seven parties on behalf of the joint statement will strengthen cooperation and exchanges, in order to reach a consensus to solve the problem of Internet domain name.

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