bought net online shopping platform COFCO water network marketing

60 year old new COFCO I bought net line. It followed the trend of online shopping, fast reaction speed, even competitors also said incredible.

analysis of one industry, one of the online shopping platform is to provide a convenient way of shopping for consumers, on the other hand to help COFCO acquiring detailed consumer information, thus creating the possibility for the future of database marketing.


than COFCO

I bought net by COFCO chairman Ning Changning high hopes, Ning Gaoning once said: "from what I understand, want to say a big thing to be this. I said this "I bought net" can be greater than cofco."

2009 China Internet development statistics report shows that China currently has about 380 million Internet users, of which nearly 1/3 of Internet users have online shopping behavior. China largest online shopping website Taobao average daily trading volume of more than 600 million yuan, the annual trade volume of 200 billion yuan.

and COFCO group’s annual sales in 100 billion yuan, I bought net sales more than if the smooth, COFCO and some day in the future is not impossible.

I bought net online sales department manager Shangyan clear positioning of consumers, in the CBN to the reporter’s reply is: "to live and work in highly educated metropolitan white-collar crowd, they work pressure, fast-paced life, free time is less, but they pursue high quality of life."

and such consumer positioning, just match the online shopping platform. In fact, from the sales data, the above market positioning so that I buy network, the actual operating results are good.

two months after the line, Shang Yan introduction, I bought the network sales unexpectedly: in the ‘golden week’ of ‘I bought the’ sales of the entire year is expected to achieve sales of $1/3 in. Data from the current point of view, the most popular products are also office snacks and daily necessities."

want to get rid of excessive dependence on the business over

I bought net test successful not only let COFCO to find a new terminal sales channels, but also for the grain in the grain and oil industry provides a fast track. In China especially in grain and oil industry, edible oil field, COFCO has been with "dragon fish" brand in the fierce competition in the Red Sea Kerry Group, in recent years, COFCO actively expanding oil crushing and refining capacity, but the industry generally low profit.

in the field of upstream raw materials, COFCO to soybean rely on imports, while imports of soybean price level, ADM, Bunge and other multinational grain merchants have a great voice; in the sales terminal link, COFCO Grain and oil products through the mall, supermarket distribution, super entry fees for COFCO and processing enterprises profits then peel a >

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