Taobao 7 8 new rules from the perspective of Taobao strategy

7.8 Taobao search new rules introduced fast half a month, there are also good aguirre. How should we view, from which point of view why Taobao to implement the new rules? If you have experienced the beginning of the "pro, do promotion?" this event, Taobao can have certain cognitive strategy of Taobao, you will feel that Taobao has become an inevitable change this rule.

we look back at this critical point in 2008, from the year of 2008 in September, Ma Yun’s Alibaba group on the proposed big Taobao strategy". Alibaba group began to do two things first is the merger of the business operations of the brothers brothers Ali mother, the second is the September 8th Taobao announced the screening of Baidu and Google and other search engines. Shielding the search engine to facilitate the integration of Taobao’s internal resources, and the merger of Ali mother company is preparing for Taobao’s advertising marketing. In December of the same year, after 3 months of resource integration of Taobao and Ali mother trading platform, Taobao launched "Taobao customer promotion", Taobao customers drive more Internet users to participate in the online shopping industry, also let me become a hot topic.

from 08 to July 2010 in September, Taobao has spent nearly two years, the constant integration of resources brought by Taobao trading platform. We all know itself, such a big group and Alibaba, for nearly two years, enough to let Taobao internal resources slowly absorbed. You can see the data from Alipay, Alipay announced in July 6, 2009 that users exceeded 200 million, and in March 14, 2010, Alipay announced that users exceeded 300 million, Taobao internal resource integration almost. The next step in order to realize the strategy of Taobao, Taobao will only break out of their own limitations, and development from the breakthrough, internal resource integration is completed, it is to eat a piece of cake ready enough space, so Taobao launched 7.8 new search rules.

Taobao from the emergence of more and more people to join Taobao, in the first batch of people to eat the sweetness of the instigation of full-time Taobao people appear more and more. Small sellers more day by day, but according to Taobao’s search rules, for everyone is fair window search, it is precisely the limitations of a Taobao cage. Because it is fair for each small sellers fair, resulting in a large number of construction platform of Taobao not to good use, and as a service provider, you do not use he was not to belong to his service fee, service fee is not that there is no way to make profit, no profit no to support the operation of the company. Therefore, the search rules change will become inevitable. In turn, we see some new search large volume of the number of > factors; > credibility > positive rate > > views; baby shelf time, we can see that if you want to row a few pages before you do not participate in the mall only hit a lot of money to build the popularity of your baby. It is disguised to do search rankings as.


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