Confessions of a failed Entrepreneur finding new projects must look to the future

has done two years of project failure, our project is preferential information of digital 3C, I am a 80, a small master; our number 1 is the founder of 90, passion and dream; at the age of eighteen with his dream of a thousand miles north, we find the opening teacher one or two; but at that time, the teacher is open for his innovative workshop busy awfully, it took three minutes to us a. After that, the male one and South Guangzhou research; after coming back, GF hero posts, so, we come together.

from the beginning, our planning and is a clear division of labor, front-end, background, art design, database marketing and carry out their duties.


as the project advances, our problems are gradually exposed:

1 operating system problems

before you have done WEB project, but really started to do the field of Internet things and is responsible for the operation and maintenance, we have what we experience; project selection is the development of.Net, which will cause the environment we can only choose Windows. Six months later, I found this choice makes us uncomfortable. My experience is really not suitable for Windows server, therefore, did not spend less time; when the site after deployment, often need remote maintenance, the early use of remote desktop software, such as what the sunflower, too slow, then changed to Teamviewer, was fairly good; but the overall maintenance time are still waiting interface response; then, we consider the use of pure text interface, but the DOS chicken ribs, poor usability, many functions can be realized; then, we installed Cygwin, a Linux simulation environment in Windows platform software, open SSH, such improvements in the maintenance, but also just solved small part; such as system operation monitoring, WEB monitoring server and database operation, the text support is too small, very uncomfortable; however, compared with other problems, this is a small, Bi It can be solved by spending more time on maintenance;

2 front staff paranoid

WEB prototype came out, this time we found the problem;


in front of the school circle is famous expert, but the expert some paranoid, love Linux and Firefox, IE, despise despise Windows; this is a personal standpoint and attitude, I don’t care, but he put the prejudice to the development, so that the consequences of our page is not compatible with IE6!!! See, in 2010, IE in the browser market accounted for more than 40% market share, this is not compatible is not acceptable for any Internet WEB project; then, we began to spend great efforts to compatible, you know, this is not a simple living. At the beginning

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