Novice to do Taobao guest must two mentality

today is mainly about doing all kinds of reasons is my guest mentality in a guest webmaster group to see too many novice Amoy every day in the guest complain not to earn money, what is the reason? Then I will give you a Taobao two analytical must stay, if you can do the following two points, you will find the Taobao customer is able to earn money, but also earn more than advertising alliance. Words do not say, into the theme.

a, no matter the mentality of

no mind simple understanding is called no care, why should remain indifferent because few people can do the early in ten and a half months will have income, many friends have what effect in the promotion of ten days time feeling, or that the promotion method does not give up, in fact just a little bit worse then you can see the effects. There is no lack of such a state of mind, everyone does not have to stand in the early income, so do not care about whether there is no money, when it is in play.

two, a stable state of mind

When the

website has income, this time the mentality of the most volatile, such as today earned 50 yuan, second days only 20 yuan of income, this time should adjust the good mentality, do not be impatient, should do things every day, income is slowly rising, the occasional income decline this is a normal phenomenon, not only can walking in a straight line. Also can not because of the high income on the site to increase the number of hard to make money will not affect your mentality, but also will affect the mentality of your income. As far as possible to dilute your attention to income, do not pay attention to fluctuations in income, so you can maintain a stable state of mind the best results.

website operation process will inevitably encounter some unhappy things, like Baidu K station, shielding, down right, etc., affect the revenue of the site. This time we need to keep a good state of mind, not for some reason is depressed, the site should be indifferent, to find out the reasons and solve. This is because Baidu deal with soldiers to be blocked, the water to soil cover. Finally, we hope to be able to maintain the above two kinds of attitude to do stand, for you to create more opportunities and value. This article by the Adsense original) Note: This article first A5, reproduced please indicate here and the author’s website, thank you!

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