Talk about the choice of Taobao guest website program

a lot of friends in the Taobao guest site for the selection of Web site program is very confused, so how to choose the right to use the Taobao website program? Here are a few suggestions:

1, try to use a static page web site procedures, because the static page web site for the search engines is relatively friendly, but also can reduce the website database, reduce website access load, here recommend DEDECMX and PHPCMS produced the official Taobao customer cooperation program, a template is rich and powerful, on the other hand relative to some other Taobao passenger safety procedures will be better.

2, but if Taobao commodity data acquisition in some of my friends will appear static pages too much or even hundreds of 10G, so if you can use the pseudo static or dynamic economic conditions do not allow the word site Taobao program, for example, some of my friends are using ECSHOP shop procedures modified pseudo static Taobao customers the program is also very good, the search engine is also relatively friendly.

3, if you do not want to manually add data and pseudo original, want to directly call all the original Taobao customer data use, you should apply for a TOPAPI account through the official Taobao open platform, and then find a good use of the Taobao TOP off site procedures, advantages of using the TOP program was once your site recognized by search engines, you included, traffic and income will be very good, but its drawback is that all the data are and others are the same, is not likely to be included in the search engine to give weight, a few days ago just to see a friend using the TOP program is very distressed. Originally the site was collected by Baidu about one million, after tens of thousands of daily IP later Baidu right down, only a few dozen IP flow.

The use of

on Taobao guest website program, we must each one according to his lights, I hope everyone here can find their suitable Taobao guest website program, I wish you good luck, ha ha. This article for the Taobao online shopping women’s wear ( mayor original, copyright, please indicate!

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