Professional fees quiz website Pearl com financing 25 million 700 thousand professional fees quiz website


professional fees quiz website has just raised $25 million 700 thousand in B round of financing. It and the domestic Baidu know, know almost nothing, not only professional but also charges, we have previously introduced.

, a San Francisco based company, formerly known as JustAnswer, will use the money to promote products, expand the mobile sector and increase staff in the world. currently has about 300 employees, half full-time. They use the new capital to recruit the first employee was Eric · (Erik Zech); Zeke’s first CFO, he will serve as founder and CEO Andy · Kurtzig (Andy) said their current revenue of more than $100 million. users can be on the site to doctors, lawyers, electricians, mechanics and other professionals, but must pay a fee. The cost of each issue is between $15 and $80, depending on the complexity and professionalism of the problem. The company claims to have 700 professionals in the field of 10 thousand professionals to provide users with answers.

is different from Avvo and other competitors, will not recommend to customers by doctors or lawyers to make money. Kuzego said that due to the’s income comes from the answer, so they have the power to provide the best, fastest answer, and will not recommend users to professional institutions to get in-depth consulting services. This is also different from other forms of Q & A sites such as Quora and this summer has just announced a $25 million A round of financing, making the company founded in 2003, total financing of more than $50 million. URL:

(Ding Hong)

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