Web site operation is a system engineering

Mention the site, many people will say that the key to the site is whether the page is beautiful, strong background function……. Know more people will say, promotion is very important, to let more people know your site, etc.. Few people can refer to the "web site", even if it is proposed that such a noun may not be able to explain in more detail what is the website operation".

The site is

is the product of the media, can also be regarded as the company. It has a very strong market function, in the intention to establish a website, but also like other products need to be a reasonable market positioning.

in consideration of market positioning, should consider the range positioning of the industry or region, the scope of a website is not information more better, more important is to have their own advantages, can bring more value to the user, provide the service function should also focus on simple and practical.

on website design, many people will think that the whole website is by artists and programmers to complete. In fact, a good web site is not only beautiful and powerful, more importantly, according to the needs of users to design, including the following several parts.


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