Several guest a good way to promote

08 at the end of the year began to pay attention to Amoy, feel this way is very suitable for the present I work during the day, night time, spend 1-2 hours every night, there will be a 1800 per month is also very good. With my station began from the end of the year, from the domain name to find space, until the beginning of February, my guest station (Taobao purchase) – was officially launched.

line up to now less than 10 days, but also can not see the income, their sweat a first. Basic not how to promote, mainly in the content. The article added nearly 50, if found to add content, is really very laborious, screening baby pictures, write captions, and in article Riga various links, the average plus one article you need 10-15 minutes.

going back.

Most of the

web site is to do Amoy friends. If it is a pure guest website, have to consider a problem, your users access to your site will no doubt your site is a fake Taobao station, is a scam. Now the user is very strong vigilance in this regard. Especially now someone selling pure api guest station, somewhat similar to do and Taobao more users doubt. Blog is also useful, do not say here. Blogs such as to have access to stable, do it anyway, xiaodaxiaonao.

after a few days of observation and reflection, I think the following methods are more feasible:

1, fashion information website (highly recommended). Like a lot of Tokyo street fashion similar website, the current fashion forefront of information. Introduce the latest popular clothes, new lipstick, etc.. Article with a link to Taobao. This way the user will not doubt, stimulate the user effectively and the desire to buy.

2, advertising alliance. This approach has no station. Find some cheap text links in the mom in a few cents a few cents a week, can flow that can find how to find how many. A direct link to the alimama, according to the type of delivery website recommend the appropriate goods, such as the forum, you can recommend clothes, Home Furnishing, MM image station you can recommend Adult supplies, writing to attractive enough. To do so is the shortcomings of high skill requirements, the cost is not very good grasp, do not pay a commission on the Commission is not enough to pay. In addition to the high cost of the site requires you to dig slowly.

3, directly to the forum, the community to promote human flesh". For example, someone posted on the forum who help me recommend a cell phone, you can go to recommend. The advantages are obvious, disadvantages of time-consuming, if pay attention to post skills, walk in the edge of the administrator title.

4, said the pure api Taobao station, buy a program to buy hundreds of CN domain name, it is best to have been included in Baidu, Google. Rent a server. Do hundreds of sites, fish nets, etc.. Crazy, haha. >

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