Google Adsense the best strategy to make money

Google Adsense and Adwords can be said to be the site’s two major weapon to make money. When beginner started, Adsense is more important, site traffic is not large, the content may also be enriched, at this time there will be advertisers on your website interested, so webmaster can directly apply for Adsense account, Adsense advertising to make money. With the development of the website, and the increase of practical experience in itself, if in the league or Wangzhuan is in the traditional channel, contacts, to find more profitable goods or services available for sale on the Internet, then 5imm is strongly recommended to buy advertising, while Adwords is a very good choice.

Google Adsense to talk about money with Google in your Adsense account login, admin will see the official Google data provides a lot of learning, including the most basic advertising setting, the advertising code release, and what kind of shape, size, color ads may have users will have to discuss comparative love click. 5imm has spent a lot of time in the past few months, but it turns out that it’s not really the point. We should take some time to think about the relationship between advertisers, Google, Adsense, chief of the three, advertisers for advertising to promote his goods or services, Google Adsense help matchmaking advertising content and the content of the website, and the webmaster provide web content and bring traffic to advertising exposure.

Adsense income basically is effective advertising clicks * click price, we think, if there is a certain method, can improve the advertising "hits", the owners must be very love, but if you are the advertisers? Advertisers concern is spent on advertising can get recovery, or even say there should be several times more than the recovery. If the advertiser has long felt in Google Adsense ads just burn in, then? Or advertisers no longer burn as early as possible stop advertising, or burn burned to the advertiser’s business failures, in any case it is not long. Moreover, Google has repeatedly claimed that they are very clever, the system can determine a specific click on whether advertisers can bring benefits, there may even as it isn’t possible for advertisers to bring benefits, and to give a click low click price. So in conclusion, webmaster want Google Adsense ad click through rate and click on the price to be high, the best way is to fully and advertisers and Google Adsense cooperation, make the content of the website (Web site visitors will determine what kind of person, what kind of "needs") and advertising content (this part is advertising mainly do, advertisers must write appropriate advertisement advertisement title, description, and in the advertising page provides attractive products or services fit).


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