Talk about what kind of website is the most profitable in the current network environment

in China, there is often a successful website with numerous imitators. As good as 123 site by Baidu to acquire a 70% stake in the. From then on, the site navigation station will appear like mushrooms, to reach the site navigation unprecedented peak period, nothing more than just want to share a cup of soup.

2008, SNS website prosperous, happy net has become almost overnight upstart, registered users reached 200 million Internet users, China but also more than 300 million, under the enormous temptation, so that every webmaster heart want to build the SNS website, and the fake happy net, numerous.

2009, the game finally fire, 4399 small game success, 7k7k little game has also been successful, the game was a grand acquisition of 2144. Webmaster jealous, since then, little game site is a poor end, a little game site was born. Imitation 4399 small games, 7k7k games emerge, and even the, 7k7k site name and logo also borrowed, but the site is different.

2010, the Internet finally change dynasties rise of network group purchase, finally, Chinese network group purchase market booming. Chinese wind speed is not fast, just 6 months has grown to nearly one thousand group purchase website. Every webmaster want to sell something, make a lot of money, because the group purchase site has unique charm and aspiration, group purchase net selling profit is far more than what website advertising earned, group purchase websites have also become very concerned about every webmaster hope, hope oneself also establish a group purchase website to sell things from a slice.

in 2011, which is the industry’s website to make money? We are still unknown? What kind of website has become the most profitable annual discussion of all the owners. Since the beginning of the development of the Internet, whether investors or site owners, has been inseparable from the discussion of what kind of website the most profitable topic. But I only know that no matter what kind of website to make money, in fact, each site to make money, as long as their own development, do not see the wind for the rudder.

I have a friend like this, in 2003 he established his own website, he loves the network, is a worthy of the name netter, so he created a IT portal. Wait until 2004, I heard a good 123 site was Baidu to acquire the 11 million 900 thousand, he gave up his business has been less than a year of IT portal. To the full development of navigation web site, when he was in the process of website promotion, he has found, now has a lot of navigation website, not only is he a navigation site, the fierce competition to achieve what he can not imagine, so he had to give up the navigation website. In 2005, he was informed that the daily QQ hit rate reached 500 thousand, which is an astonishing number in Baidu. How attractive the number, he thought, there are so many people to click on QQ every day, why not create QQ space mainstream? Share his website a flow of at least 500 thousand hits, so he built the QQ space mainstream website. He was officially put into operation for half a year

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