To avoid the trap of Wangzhuan upgrade

click on the project when we do, often find a lot of items or obvious or hidden tips: Chinese members only upgraded to become a senior member to get paid. The reason is that most Chinese members are cheaters. So there have been a number of accounts on the income of many friends on the choice of the upgrade, as long as you can think of the money received on the account, upgrade fees earned back. In fact, a considerable proportion of such projects is likely to be a trap, the purpose is not what it called to prevent cheating, but to deceive the Chinese members of the upgrade fee.

in these projects, many of their own is not a good faith project, there is no strength to pay, it is only the name of the name of the upgrade to pay fraud Chinese members, cheat you dozens of knife upgrade fee. After you upgrade, still do not pay you, and then collapse at any time. Webmaster Wangzhuan forum also stumbled on this issue, so idiopathic this article tell my compatriots make friends. Of course, many of which have the strength of the project, as long as you upgrade, it will pay you on time. But this kind of project itself is the integrity of the strength of the project. It requires Chinese members to upgrade the purpose is indeed a better operation of the site, such projects are worth upgrading.

webmaster Wangzhuan forum that the foreigners think that Chinese member cheating, there are several reasons: hanging automatically click on the software (advertisers advertising is white cast); multi account (a person to earn money); these 2 approaches must be strictly prohibited. You’d better not do that. There is a considerable proportion of foreigners think that Chinese members do not understand English, but every day by clicking on the English ad revenue, so that advertisers advertising The loss outweighs the gain. English. So foreigners are more resistant to Chinese member participation.

many projects claimed that 80% of Chinese members are cheating, I think this proportion of some, it should be no such a high proportion, it is estimated that this is just an excuse for foreigners. Although not so high proportion, but the proportion is not low, at least much higher than other countries.

although foreigners generally discriminate against the Chinese people, we do not have to be depressed, because the real strength of the project, there is sufficient technology and funds to ensure that all members of the country to pay the integrity of the. Such projects, as long as you can seriously participate in good faith participation. You can get paid. The future will focus on this kind of power station is recommended.

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