Teach you to take a detour and let you earn tens of thousands of dollars liar analysis

    editor’s note: This is a very classic liar cheat gorgeous packaging tutorial, beginners eyes, when you fall into his circle, when added to his QQ, you will be infected, you cheated start. Why not delete this article, because the core of this article is the bottom of the article a QQ, this is the money into the mouth. We read this article with appreciation and learning. Whether from the appeal, or deception. How to cheat 5% readers to pay. You think about it, if it is you, you will not be a similar move by.

  published on the web project not every one can let you make money, you make money rarely items posted on the Internet, that is to say, can you make money free items on the Internet is almost impossible to see, see is not making money, why two? Look at the following analysis will understand.

one, Adsense, advertising alliance, advertisers three relations

Adsense ads, mostly from advertising, advertising alliance advertising code, the station to the advertising code on your station, will display the corresponding website advertising, when someone has triggered consumer behavior, advertising alliance will pay the corresponding owners Commission, there are many webmaster advertising below. Advertising advertising comes from advertisers. For example, for example, there are 06 years in the League launched Taobao registered advertising, each successful registration of a Taobao, to the Commission of $8 commission. Here is the Taobao advertisers, Taobao advertising alliance 10 yuan a commission, advertising alliance to the webmaster of 8 yuan a commission. Think understand, advertisers to advertising alliance advertising investment is limited, investment income = advertisers advertising alliance Advertising – advertising alliance to pay webmaster webmaster is not advertising. Alliance k out of the case, the income of the webmaster (= advertisers to advertising investment in Advertising – advertising revenue) number divided by the webmaster. We can see that the three is a branch of the advertising alliance relationship, advertisers advertising investment by half to all the owners in the league, the webmaster share (with the promotion rate is proportional to the amount of the share of the webmaster), the more consumption of advertisers advertising more quickly. Until the end of this project is over consumption.

so when you find a good advertising alliance, you will not easily tell others, will not be released on the network. To tell a person is to give yourself more than a rival.

two, access to e-mail software technology

if your mailbox often posted on the outside, for example, some registered forum account, or stay in some dating center contact, when you open the mailbox, always receive some spam, so a lot of people in their own contact when issued, is used to replace the No. @, the main is to prevent their email address scanning software to scan to address, so every day by the spam mail.

has a lot of

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