Share from Taobao to customer rebate network development experience

with the rapid development of e-commerce, online has become a hot topic in electronic commerce. A while we’re going to talk about today is the higher types, Taobao customers.


guest was born in 2009, is a new industry and Taobao are inseparable, basically are young people, Taobao customer operation mode is simple, without cost, as long as the master of promotion skills, you can start anywhere on the internet. With Taobao customers more and more, more and more intense competition, and one part of Taobao – turned rebate network.

what is the rebate network, in short, is a kind of online shopping transaction intermediary network, online shopping transactions through the rebate network, the seller delivers the promotion expenses the trading of goods returned to the rebate network, the rebate network in a portion of the return to trade buyers. Here I talk about how to do their own rebate network from Taobao turned off, and the experience to share with you. If the views of the text and cognitive errors, please understand a lot, I am also a novice, birds of the class level.

a, contact Taobao guest

I was 2010 began to contact Taobao off, and I won’t start the site, had to take a Taobao promotion chain naked battle. Taobao did not last competition so fierce, not with such means of promotion pattern now basically is 3 kinds of traditional promotion methods. (PS: in fact, these methods are very practical)

1, to each big forum posting, not delete posts, not afraid downstairs to scold, as long as the thick skinned, cut in.

2, QQ mass advertising, then add a variety of QQ group, directly in the group, the group was T, and later learned to each member of the group in the advertising, remember the tired hands are weak. Later group too much, as long as the line, QQ will collapse.

3, go to Baidu, NetEase, Sohu blog, and then write a blog every day to promote. Later, I did not insist on down, but the effect is still there, is not as good as the front.

on these 3 stupid methods, I insist on sitting down every day. 2 pm every day after the shutdown sleep, second panda eyes to work with zenith…. Many novice in the first month of low income, or 0 income, the author of the first month of income broke through the $300 mark. Now in retrospect, it is very frustrating. In the absence of website, the absence of the software, by hand promotion made Taobao off the first pot of gold.

two, transition

because of work reasons, the middle of a period of time was forced to abandon Taobao off work, but after half a year later, in 2011, the author from the foreign employment when it was discovered that Taobao customers very fierce, the traditional promotion method basically has no effect, the blog is not connected in the post with Taobao, so on the promotion of 3 months later, I decided to build your own web site, only to have their own Taobao guest website, in order to have a fixed source.

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