How to maximize the benefits of Taobao passenger revenue

ha ha, the article was written in the past few days K lost a lot, the state is not very good. Too many things, so it is a bit chaotic, write out of order, you forgive me boss austria.

, get on the floor.

first of all, where is the potential customer in the Taobao customer communication group has a lot of friends in the discussion. For example, QQ group, blog post, forum group, write soft, do Taobao guest website, are good. But there is also a problem, that is, these methods are too common, each method has a large number of people in the competition, in the operation. Therefore, the general novice, it is difficult to get involved. Also caused some people said that Taobao customers simply do not make money reasons.

today is a crazy, but also a little less than the quality of the way.

the first step, first choose those who give you about 50%-30% of high profit items, and pay attention to if you are good at type. For example, clothing, watches, and so on, the key is that you can operate together, in addition to relatively high profits of those goods, shops can be.

the second step, the collation of these goods, released. Released to what place to open a shop exactly the same as the other side of the shop, and then make the same classification, put the same commodity, but the only thing is that the price is lower than him. Specifically how much to take this to their own grasp, 10%, 20% can be, as long as not disrupt the market order on the line ~· ~

well, and then crazy hair products, such as hair to a certain number, and slowly someone to visit your shop. So some people buy your goods.

no goods? Oh, don’t worry, you are connected by Taobao customers, the direct purchase of the store goods, and then make it more than 30% of the profits! And save a courier all procedures, direct and clear, convenient

make money!

hee hee, I a bit of advice, don’t flood Austria, otherwise Taobao owner is not better than ~~

finally, I wish you a happy new year, good luck in everything! I also remember the Olympic Station, to see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

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