Sequoia game how to build the nternet outside of livewire BAT


How will the fund China

Sequoia "outside of BAT" three giant companies, into a tough and accurate


the clock back to 9 years ago, has just won the Zhou Hongyi investment to Sequoia China office meeting. "Next door is to do a few campus network entrepreneurs, you look at how." At the request of Shen Napeng, Zhou Hongyi entered the room next door.

he saw a green hand several young man, the lead in a wide forehead, big eyes, a pair of students dressed in his eyes appear unexpectedly cold, almost grows on the ceiling, "Zhou Hongyi recalled, he hated the" returnees "arrogant, wrote in the young man. "The team is not too Preston, not to finance." Zhou Hongyi told the Sequoia team, not down to earth."

that eyes on the ceiling, the entrepreneur, it was the school network founder Wang xing. On this matter, Wang Xing’s memory is like this, in December 18, 2005, he clearly remember this time, it is the official release of the campus network after a week. At ten in the morning, he was awakened by a phone call and asked them to go to the Sequoia office". Too late to do the preparation of Wang temporary made a plan, but lost in a taxi, to the office to a piece of paper to re write. They are anxious and fearful when the door opened, a man put his head looked, and walked away. "Back then, it was Zhou Hongyi." Wang Xing said, "maybe Zhou Hongyi feels like we’re not as excited about him as a star."

this judgment is probably just a small episode, but indeed Sequoia declined this group of "arrogant young man", but at the suggestion of Zhou Hongyi, invested their rival zhanzuo, but soon failed.

interestingly, a similar scene has been performed in the Sequoia American office. In 2006, the founder of Facebook, the 22 year old Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) to discuss his strange side Wirehog. He was late for the meeting, and wear pajamas, which makes Sequoia partnership people feel very annoyed. As a result, Sequoia Capital has made one of the biggest mistakes in history – miss Zuckerberg.

But Zuckerberg

, although not from Sequoia Capital financing, but because the last won the accelerating partnership (Accel Partners) investment to build up the world’s largest social networking site Facebook, which brought about a 300 times return on the deal for the latter, by Wang Xing (Social Network Service) similar to the SNS architecture of the campus "far not so lucky.

After the

was rejected by the Sequoia, Wang was also rejected by all VC, campus net >

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