How to make use of blog Wangzhuan do earn a thousand dollars

with the crackdown continues, Wangzhuan center will gradually shift to a blog to make money this way. Because the cost of the blog is relatively low, or even zero cost. Operation is relatively simple and easy. In the current foreign blog has become a trend to make money, a lot of marketing experts are making money through the blog. Blog marketing to make money, and even become a trend. Today sesame is here to introduce the current common mode of operation of several blog money.

first: the PR value of the blog is very important, earn income by selling links

domestic sales link to make money, has been relatively perfect. Even a lot of companies, such as A5, have a lot to buy PR high site, and then sell. Many individuals and sites are used to buy links, earn some extra money. Do not look down on the blog PR earn money, although a connection can only sell 10 yuan a month, about $20. But it’s pretty amazing. Of course, we can also raise 10, 20 such sites, and then connect to sell, generally can do about $1 thousand monthly income.

second: providing software authoring services

of course, this is not all people are satisfied, first of all, you need to have a certain amount of access to your blog, and your article will be recognized by many people. In that case, you can earn some money by writing and posting these posts. The current release of the article in the price of 10 yuan to thousands of dollars, if you have a certain strength, this income is also good.

third: do sales into advertising revenue

if your blog has a fixed population and traffic, then it is relatively easy to make money for a long time. You can find the relevant industry to advertise. For example, your blog is the type of cosmetics, then you can put on the relevant cosmetics advertising, sales revenue to get commission. Currently relatively good advertising alliance, such as Google advertising alliance, Taobao, etc., are more suitable for the launch of the blog alliance.

The key is the

blog has a professional and sufficient vertical characteristics, we can easily make good use of blog, a monthly income of over 1000! Temporary first written so much, then write tomorrow., remember my station, web site to make money.

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