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Ali Mama launched Amoy API greatly enriched, Amoy webmaster display Amoy commodity form. In the face of Amoy API birth owners eager to Amoy webmaster returns this no doubt, but not blindly imitate the way station, only innovation can be in many of the station in talent shows itself.

If you do

Webmaster Station is just a small Taobao, then I advise you not to waste time. Taobao has imitation can he succeed but if your station completely copy Taobao, there is no way out, also lost the meaning of tao.

Tao aims to promote products earn commissions, Amoy value is for passengers with convenient Taobao allows users to easily find their own needs of the baby, and commodity is the optimal price in commodity (the best is not the cheapest! But also the quality and service).

The ultimate goal of

is as long as the customer comes to your Tao Tao station does not need more than the price (whether cheap), prestige (whether the product quality assurance), customers have to do is just from your system to find out whether there is a need of goods on your platform, you can buy to check. This is also the core idea of the establishment of Taobao easy to make online Taobao easier!

Alipay has a word: because trust so simple! "Simple" only two words but it has been difficult, Taobao took five years to build up their reputation system, so he is successful, because it simplified. China netizen population not everyone want to online shopping online shopping, but for many people, "too hard", to have a bank card, to open online banking, and network security issues, the credibility of the seller, remote shopping claim maintenance issues etc…. The problem is still a lot of online shopping is still booming, see the big market.

a word, online shopping is the core of an easy word, who do who won the customers, Taobao did Taobao today online shopping website has become the boss, if one day you can go beyond the Taobao website that she must be easy to do better than Taobao.

Yi Taobao ( – Taobao easy, online Taobao easier! This is the core idea of the Yi Taobao network, we will make unremitting efforts to provide customers with a more convenient online shopping service.

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