Beware of monthly advertising traps

      advertising alliance recently more and more bad, the price alliance, the amount deducted calendar harm, also do not let the film induced registration, ring tone effect is not good, GG money is too slow, like us poor webmaster like this, the hope is that it can change the flow of their own as soon as possible into real money, so at this time I believe that many webmaster will choose advertising, and convenient to money fast, I am no exception.

today on QQ, a guy and I said, in my degree of Valley traffic exchange advertising online. I was still thinking about it. I just want to find out about their monthly results, came to the door, and then I’ll talk to him for a turn, talk about the price. He let me give him the ad to do, he wanted to see the effect, I will pass on to him. I passed on after consider found wrong, back to look under his code, find a problem, just know when, quickly put the code removed.

after an hour of inquiry and testing, confirmed that the user is indeed a Trojan program, called a Trojan horse.
I passed their test, the Trojan page through a blue screen called " uncle connected " page to submit the Trojan program. If you are the site where the server does not limit this trojan program, where you will be in a file you stand under the root directory, the file name is uncertain, his role can control your web site directory and file, the more interested you can control the entire servers, so I thought I’d be mad, in order not to let more webmaster to be deceived, so he wrote out, hoping to give everyone a reminder, the first time to write articles, plus the bad mood, there is a disconnect and not smooth place please forgive.

is the following I found a few suspicious places, if you encounter a note.

1, he will take the initiative to find you, his advertising page is a music network (for the advertisers must stay in mind)

2, he advertised, talk about the price is very straightforward, not to tell you how to bargain (be careful not feel at ease,


3, his ad is very special, you need to put a ASP page on your site, he put the purpose of this page is to put trojan. There is also a jump operation in his code, I have such a

advertising page will affect my ranking and Baidu included on the grounds, want him to change into HTML, he does not agree, because ASP can put his Trojan program, but PHP or JSP I do not know. Estimated

like to beware.


4, his code has a line of ASP code: <%execute request (" 383");%> (Trojan key execution statement, if there is this line, determined not to do)

5, they let you put on the code for effect. (at this time to look at results in.

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