How to talk about the concept of not only to make money

the last two days, just like Chinese network space migration, and then into the bud network planning books. In order to let everyone know that the relationship between library network and network Chinese bud bud, I in another article has said very clearly, here in order to save space, but also to play less words, I will not say.

is to talk about the topic of this article, I do not know why, now writing always love friendship, like no matter that point can lead to many things, long longer than the Great Wall. The theme of this article is about the relationship between concept and profitability. This topic also has many people to write, they wrote how, and I do not say, I just to express their point of view, if the master was passing by to see, so please don’t scold me, mom and Dad, do not spit slobber to me. I think that this face is still worthy of the audience, I do not want to grow ringworm.

we often say that before the establishment of a web site, the first thing to do is site planning. Site planning, including the whole process of building, throughout, including the choice of procedures, market analysis of the industry, the content of the building, ranking promotion. These should be in the site planning work has a clear plan. Site planning is not good, then, after the establishment of the site, or, the development of a period of time, will inevitably encounter problems, resulting in bottlenecks. Although, even if the site planning, these problems may also appear. However, a plan is better than no plan. Things are evolving, the plan can not keep up with changes. This requires people to write the site planning to have a long-term vision. A relatively accurate forecast of the future for a period of time.

with our new website, the analysis here is not to speak of the first program selection and market sectors, and in Chinese network have high correlation, I will go from here about the domain name.

domain name is very important for a web site, a good domain name for the sustainable development of a web site is of great significance. Therefore, the domain name is also a very difficult to determine the matter (do not think that is how simple things, it is only for those who do not understand SEO, do not know how to think of marketing). Many people say that contains your keywords in the domain, which contributes to the future website ranking, for this argument, is not based on what, if any, I think it is very small, small enough to be ignored. The difficulty is to choose the domain name, not only to represent the meaning of your site, but also visitors can understand a glance, can easily be remembered, this is a difficult ah. As we all know, the development of the Internet to this point today, a good domain name as early as 2006 are almost registered. In this case, a lot of times, we will find that we think of the domain name is almost all registered.

To determine the

domain name is like books and spend a lot of my mind, think of a lot of domain names, however, are not ideal. For example: han>

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