Talk about how to earn 100 yuan novice webmaster earn 3000

"seems to be an advertisement," I think this is what you want to say, please do not have this idea of people do not look down, and I hate the most is to say that people do not practice. Following into the subject.

I made a

article, the purpose is to encourage novice Wangzhuan, because I also like a novice, now seem to be in a bottleneck, the months of my website not what exceeded, some depressed, wrote this article here, I like this incentive situation Wangzhuan rookie, also encourage oneself.

there are a lot of posts are written, "how the monthly income of 10000 yuan", "how to make IP 10000+ a day" and "Wangzhuan entry for 2 months, the income of over 10000 myth" and so on, in fact, most people see, just sniff at. Road: "that myth is how good I should be", "those who really strong" and so on, the idea of envy. Why the next myth is not you? Most people are not to say that the practice of light, do not know how to do the next myth is not how you do?

I have always been full of fantasy to this sentence, I want 1 billion 300 million people in China, everyone gave me a dime". (hey, -0-) is the general Wangzhuan, pull advertising in advertising, hanging on his website, and advertising is divided into many types, here I do not introduced one by one, I love CPA type of advertising, popular explanation is "induced" registration.

generally such an effective advertising, pay more. But not long, because advertisers generally do not spread too long, let everyone know this kind of product, this kind of advertising will step down. Usually in a year, this year should be enough for us. Here I do a good job on how to do a good job in the PP accelerator advertising case analysis.

for a detailed example: for example, this site. He is doing a PP accelerator promotion advertising, everyone from this site to download a PP accelerator, it will be 1 cents. I checked the Baidu index every day 2000+ people in Baidu search "PP accelerator" this keyword. Not to mention 2000 people. 1000 people per person, 10 Fen dollars a day, how much? A month down how many?. In fact, some people, want to download the PP accelerator then he is in Baidu search PP Accelerator Download, you go to the Baidu index check, the key word every day there are 200+ search. This is what is called a potential user.

of course, if no one from the site down PP accelerator, how to make money ah, money is not so easy to earn. At this time do not mention SEO, some people say that SEO is the door of knowledge, I think SEO is a Wangzhuan human experience. (here is not a detailed description of SEO, I rookie a). The ultimate goal of SEO is to allow users to search the relevant keywords in the search engine, and your related stations, the first row of the search engine.

yes, with a good ranking, you can in the advertising alliance

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