Teach you how to increase the income of Google Adsense

how to increase the income of their own blog Google Adsense has been plagued by bloggers, webmasters, so the optimization of Google Adsense to improve revenue become bloggers, webmasters and hot research projects preferred. Put forward the following suggestions:

wolf your blog here

optimize your Google Adsense code

The optimization principle of

is now popular in advertising content, is to make your advertisement attract more visitors; not let you lure you to click on ads, but optimize your advertising display mode and display position, let your visitors better click on ads. Do not place too many ads on a page, Google policy provides that a page can only place no more than 3 ads, as much as possible to use some advertising style, not too simple, do not let visitors dislike.

optimize your site to generate more benefits

optimize your website content, templates, style, make your site theme, this can bring more targeted advertising, and then when you decide which keyword price is relatively high, where possible, as far as possible to the direction of development. Google Adsense advertising matching degree is quite high, it is precisely the same kind of like my blog to make money based, on both sides of the network is basically making money advertising.

tracking analysis advertising effectiveness

good tracking tool can tell you a lot about the behavior of visitors, (Google Webmaster tools inside this tool). Answer questions such as "what do visitors find on my site" and "click on ads". Always pay attention to your visitors will click on what number of advertising, advertising click or more, which advertisements are no one click, click on the best take no one.

refused to cheat

never cheat, don’t even think about it. It’s hard to see in the sky. Www.wo-lf.cn original, reproduced please indicate the source contact QQ: 4425268 welcome to communicate with me

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