How to describe a complete demand scenario in the product design process

editor’s note the author of this article Zhu Chen, served Tencent CDC. For interaction designers, describing the application scenario is the simplest and most straightforward way to analyze product requirements.

in the paper, the author applies the scene description for demand scenarios, this view more images. Because the description of the scene is an analysis of the user needs of the process, the interpretation of the process can be more easily to the user needs to break down and find the key to attract users.

scene is a more down to earth to analyse and describe the needs of the user (the word "personal preference demand scenario"). It should have such a structure:

(when) "in a certain time, certain place (where), there was some things (with what), specific types of users (who) had a certain desire (desire), thought by some means (method) to meet the desire."

The significance of

demand scenario

traditional software development process, Product Manager / product planning will provide a list of functions. The methods used in this feature list are often program oriented, such as "list of goods to support the order from low to high prices".

this description of the drawbacks are:


product manager comes to the conclusion that this is often the result of competitors having the function, rather than analyzing the real needs of the user.

partner (Interactive Designer / visual designer / Development Engineer) can not directly realize the function is to help users achieve what goals, you do not know the value of this function, what can bring what changes to real life.

needs to describe the needs of the scene, we can effectively avoid these drawbacks:

product manager knows that this newly developed feature is designed to help users solve the problem

interaction designers can learn from the details of this demand scenario: "the frequency of occurrence, the intensity of the demand, what kind of user capabilities and ancillary tools"

other partners are more likely to understand the value of this feature, but also able to express their views in a timely manner, the veto does not fly the function, and the value of the function of a more intense resonance, full of energy.

how to judge a use (demand) scenario valuable


in accordance with the previous study of psychological knowledge, when the user has a certain demand, will try to use various means to meet it. When the solution to design for the environment does not exist when the user will use all possible to find things for living (you know the aircraft cup, inflatable doll like stuff on it).

when it is impossible to find any solution, the user can only hold the. For a long time

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