Video site opportunities and challenges

1, let’s talk about trends. After the first year of the video, but also after a lot of questions, to the present, as the industry, you have a new idea for the video site profit model or a new attempt? It is said that with the advent of the era of the media, the network video will be a big trend, and even people will replace the habit of watching TV, then you see the development trend of the domestic video website? What direction will to seek a breakthrough, or this annihilation? Industry reshuffle will appear this year?



video site profit model launched in BOBO network we have a good idea, ubiquitous advertising and subversive advertising display effect, so the advertisement profit this one we do not worry, we need most now is the online video advertising in the form of acceptance.

BOBO network is one of the first batch of the domestic video website, the former is the audio video community, certainly is the trend of the future, now the entire video industry is in the exploratory stage, although the road is hard to walk, but has been set out first, also accumulated a lot of experience, we encountered problems and challenges, and later the same is to experience, but also need more money to catch up. In our view, the Internet video is the new Internet expensive, capital and resources are required to be higher than other Internet projects, the future I think there will be 80% of the video site is facing crisis or transformation.


2, traffic and revenue paradox is incompatible. Or image and flow can not have both, now the video site will be more or less play edge ball, pornography, violence is often criticized, with these, advertisers do not want to, without these, users do not want to decline in popularity, as a video website, what do you think is the broken solution? Radio new regulations, the video has also been incorporated into the regulatory system, banned the illegal network television, you think the impact of the video site?


answer: not only is the sex of people’s attention, to look at pornography, there are many porn sites to see, which is part of the flow of little value, the network is certainly the need to regulate, in the traditional industry norms can make money, in fact, the network is the same. I don’t think there is any impact on some of the real content and features of the site.


3, now the industry has many new changes, for example, the difference between platform and channel, some people want to put yourself into a large platform, UGC, on the final value of the media to make money, some people is to make their own films, video distributors. For example, the portal is gradually cut in this area, for example, there are some video network solutions, advertising market development, to see how the impact of these changes to the video website you bring?


Answer: each one has its own merits,

many companies are doing such a thing, similar to the advertising alliance, but as to >

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