Do Taobao money off the road groundless talk

I’m from 09 years in March began to contact Taobao customer, see the introduction of Taobao customers earn commissions on the Internet, looked at the mother Tao top week income have tens of thousands of their own, excited, he managed to find ways to make money. At that time did not want to pull his own weight.

started his website, in fact they are utterly ignorant of the station to do is technology, in their first video network learned web technology, made a single page website (no background what), on top of their own choosing high commission promotion goods, a counter on the page, the it spread to the Internet, the website is made. Do stand up, my heart secretly pleased — looking forward to money! Then feel wrong, I see the website statistics, every day only a few IP. Later listen to friends said the site to promote publicity, Baidu ranking will rely on. Due to their lack of publicity, leading to the site was punished Baidu – K station.

is still making money on their own fantasy, spent 100 yuan to buy a navigation station. This site has a 4-5 of IP traffic per day, the person is also sold with a home lock. First, do website is bought in the home, plus a top Alibaba Amoy search promotion code, and here on the homepage of the Alibaba with a guest channel promotion code. Because the flow of this station is not relying on Baidu to come, but by the lock home plug engage. This part of the flow of visitors once the way to unlock will be lost forever. I first look for something on the Internet may be interested in others, and plug-ins bundled, and then released to the Internet for download. As long as someone clicks on it, his computer home page will lock my site. He will definitely be forced to open the Internet site. This station can be maintained at about five hundred or six hundred of the daily flow of IP. With the flow of the guarantee, five hundred or six hundred of the total flow of some people through my website to buy some things, of course, I have some commission income, although not many, but also a few hundred dollars a month. But by the end of 09 events in good times don’t last long, block, even the domain name before I turn away, the space station is completely out of my.


he finally tasted the sweetness of the Tao do so, still always looking for a chance to re shot. There is a net friend gave me a home improvement network program source code. I have it completely redesigned, made a guest website, although there are still some traces, but it is also easy to use. It is also said to be lucky, a few days before the site was also a few business transactions, but also a high commission, because the transaction is a high percentage of weight loss products.

I summed up their experience, the Tao do want to do good, the first is to adhere to, another is with the point of art.

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