Make a thousand dollars a new Adsense month wise remark of an experienced person

today to see this article, although not entirely agree with his views, but the author mentioned ways of making money is still popular, so for technical students or worthy of application, to turn, to share to you, hope you can give us some inspiration.

you know, we started as a stand, not too much of the income may be, presumably a lot of newcomers see how much envy what month, don’t envy others, or real, you do stand now even the basic life are difficult to solve, I also do stand, his personal experience flow, not small, is not money, we must face the reality. Then, a month how we easily can earn thousands of yuan, 1000 yuan, though not much, but for me the children in rural areas, not less, not to mention that he is new, still a student, I have to meet now.

said how I was earning thousands of it, in fact, we have encountered, is usually not how attention, by the way of my life. I am now manages a forum forum, also guide the work for the two companies, such as promotion, optimization of what, also write text for a company, at present it is, they sent me about a month’s wages have 1000 yuan, why, I want to do this, they do not stand now, I am a student, the students should know how their money is coming. At the beginning, I like everyone, they do stand, but more than 2 months to start, is the flow of small, then their optimization, the daily flow of independent IP2500, but GOOGLE is not much advertising revenue during the period, in order to make the site also borrowed a lot of money students. In this way, what their investment can be earned back, she went to the network around…… Until a once friends asked me to help him do website promotion, that is XX per month, then do it, the total advertising revenue than GG fast, after his job and contact several companies are basically said, because he is a student, a relatively low price, I often say: the article, they don’t think I’m kidding with them, so I simply do a thousand yuan.

We have

small station technology, can not find a way to make money, why not do it, I just do promotion and optimization (optimal guidance, they have their own website production staff, it is not optimal professional customer), also let me give them (art, they trust I believe, I will not take the money and not work) PS I haven’t learn to reject it, but I say you can’t find the words I’ll help you find yourself, after all, made a lot of friends, and my school will PS a lot, someone or some relatively easy.

we have small owners, money and even life can not control, why don’t you choose to give others do, we have the experience, we have the technology, now I see that many of them are looking for logo, a bottom price is 50 yuan, moreover, a logo is not for us how much trouble. Self >

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