Analysis of the profit of B2C shopping Alliance

bean is March 2005 on the line, set up 2 years and 2 months, the main profit is the use of watercress linktech network marketing alliance obtain sales commissions from Dangdang, excellence.
What watercress for such a long time from Dangdang, excellence gained much profit?

from other linktech network marketing alliance website analysis, buyren performance in linktech network marketing is one of the best in the league, it was founded in August 2004, to the present to members of the cash back is 1034110 yuan, according to the network marketing alliance linktech average percentage of 10%, BUYREN has been established to Dangdang, excellence etc. the B2C web site to a sales volume of 10341100 yuan (the Chengdu alliance to return to the membership), the average monthly sales of around 350000, I consulted linktech friends, watercress is not BUYREN good performance, tentatively watercress also by this number count, watercress was about 26 months, for Dangdang, excellence B2C website to sales is about 9100000 yuan, the sales commission is 910000 yuan, this data is already overvalued.

Alexa ranked watercress at around 1500, which is a traffic flow station, but not the rich station.

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