Beginner to buy space skills

today we next want to do some skills to pay attention to their choice of space program Wangzhuan friends:

1 do Wangzhuan space size


do Wangzhuan friends, are generally advertising pages, generally not more than 10M. In addition to a number of resource stations or movie stations, of course, it is necessary to hire or set up their own server for the third stage of the regular station to prepare. And we are talking about the first stage is the garbage station, is to see other people’s advertising page, download and modify their own. Or download some thief program. So that it can automatically collect online updates every day. But now the Internet is basically the smallest space 100M. So you choose to look at the station to do your own needs to choose.

The quality of

2 do Wangzhuan space

this is the most important, because the quality of space directly affects the access of others. There is a saying that a good investment in the space to save people, is the most wasteful. So the high quality of the space is the most basic expenses do Wangzhuan network, most people will first choose the cheaper prices of space, but use will finally choose good stability nets of space. Why? It is not because they have more money, but to visit others every day without any problems, the space problem, or delay the time of the day, the loss of money enough to buy a good space.

so Wangzhuan novice love cast a little less money, looking for cheap space, although Taobao is selling space is more, the cheapest is 5 yuan / year. Is not allowed to take their computers to do the server, which day there are problems. You can’t find him. So there’s no cheap stuff. Your pay and return is always proportional to. So the corn bus Wangzhuan forum recommended space only million net, because this is the best quality of the domestic space, his prices are really expensive, but since it is so expensive, everyone is still his clients, explained his professionalism and his service worth the price. Now a lot of space quality agent nets of space business is not good quality network itself.

The number of online

3 do Wangzhuan space can support.

just set foot in the Wangzhuan friends IIS, maybe you do not understand is what meaning, actually also is to see this space can support many people online at the same time.

new beginning choice when basically do not consider this, because the general spatial support at least IIS is 50, which is at the same time can support 50 people online, if when the number of online time always prompt too much of your space, you can then consider upgrading. Then IIS is 100, is not on the support of 100 people online? The answer is not like this, at the same time online and IIS no direct proportion between the different procedures, different customer groups to the consumption of IIS is not the same.

so we looked at the above said the corn bus, because there is a relatively full space

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