11 young entrepreneurs tell you the secrets of mobile app development

Tencent science and technology news (ice dust) Beijing time on May 27th news, according to foreign media reports, the real development of a popular application, it is easier said than done. American science and technology news website TNW interviewed 11 successful young entrepreneurs, summed up their mobile application development proposals.

1, the test is very critical

mobile application testing is still a relatively new field, but it has great impact on the development of applications. With these platforms such as Artisan to complete these tests – from the business intelligence online service site RJMetrics founder Robert · (Robert) Moore (J.).

2, deep user interest

users are far more important than your own. You need to have a deep understanding of the user’s interests, and set up different nodes to step up their interest. There is such a concept in mind, the foundation of the user experience to create a prison. Otherwise, you can only try and dice gambling, conference call service company Speek founder Danny Beyonce (Danny Boice) ·.

3, planning line experience

some of the most popular popular applications such as WorkFlowy and Evernote work focus on offline use, users can not connect to WiFi or other networks can still enjoy their services. Mobile developers in the research and development stage to be clear, the user in the offline mode how to experience the service – Bloch Doreen, founder of Poshly, a beauty technology startups · Inc (Doreen)

4, easy to use

even if everyone has a smart phone, this does not mean that they are masters of mobile phones. In view of this, the mobile application is very simple, even a novice can quickly learn to use – from the financial education website Money Crashers Finance founder Andrew – (Andrew) Personal (Schrage).

5, as simple as mentally retarded

once the design is completed, invite a friend or family member in a non-technical industry to test the application. Whether the button text is easy? To understand? They encountered problems recorded and corrected from the private assistant services company She’s Got Systems founder of Kaili · Azevedo (Kelly Azevedo).

6, tailoring your design

Android users are very different from the habits of iPhone users to ensure that your design principles are consistent with the operating system

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