So easy to make money

in 2003, I graduated from the University, for the graduates to find a satisfactory job is not easy to do I majored in mechanical, in the area of Jiangsu Changzhou, this kind of work is not easy to find the counterpart. At that time also was June, June in Changzhou, the weather is really hot to death, I took your resume in the job market each ran over, wearing a T-shirt has already been soaked in sweat, do not cast a resume, or only at night back to the dormitory, see all the students one by one to find a job, the heart like WuWeiPing knocked over, can not say what kind of taste. Helpless, I had to go home. Father saw me like this, always encouraged me, advised me not to give up, that life is not always plain sailing, a boy, as long as adhere to, do not give up, must break out of their own piece of heaven and earth. After listening to my father, I slowly wake up, can not find the pain from the work of relief, but also for their own future plan.

the idea of entrepreneurship, I do not know why suddenly appeared, father very supportive of me, bring me a penny, so I found some college friends, they are very strong in the professional master, we are working together to start from selling machinery, funds accumulated slowly, 2 years later, money enough of our own factory. So in October 05, the 3 of us started a small machinery factory in Changzhou. From the plant construction, for staff recruitment, to complete the formalities, and what a busy 1 months, finally began production workshop. My heart began to get up. But soon, a new problem has emerged, because few of us are professional mechanical design, the sales market is not very understand, new products are very difficult to open the market, opened a new factory at the accumulation of a large number of products……

what to do, how to do it? See the mood of employees a day of low (in order to save money, we have 2 months without pay), I am anxious like ants on a hot pot, but still can not think of a way. Later heard that the Internet can do list, so we then do some web sites, most of them are some products such as: the station of Raymond mill, mill

, rubber mill, straw crusher, wood powder machine is complete this, who knows or does not have any business, I worry about the meal to eat, but also no way! Most of the time, transfer occurs when the most serious crisis, when I cornered me. Received a call from a friend, is a university students out of the computer, about my drink, no way, I had to be about, after all, 3 years did not see friends. A bottle of a bottle of drink, I do not see friends quickly, asked me the reason, I speak out in the factory, who knows he is haha laughed and said: brother ah, now you really keep up with the trend, now the mechanical equipment factory are in line to pull list and sell the products to the country and even abroad, you are still here for you. The rules, not


online pull list?

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